Our Services

California Sales Tax Consultants, Inc. (CSTC) offers a broad range of services to assist individuals, partnerships, limited liability companies, corporations and other entities with their sales and use tax concerns. Specifically, we offer assistance with:

Audit Management from Start to Finish
Completed Audit Defense and Strategies
Expert Witness Testimony
Successor’s Liability Defense
Late Protests
Claims for Refund
Corporate Officer Liability Defense
Settlement Offers
Administrative Appeals and Board Hearings
Compliance Study to Reduce Tax Liabilities and Risks
Taxpayer Advocacy and Legislative Lobbying
Association, Industry, Company, or Private Seminars and Workshops (Upon Request)
Guaranteed Sales/Use Tax Exemptions for Aircraft & Yacht Purchases & Sales

Please feel free to contact a sales tax expert at (916) 369-1212, for a "free consultation" to discuss your sales tax issues in greater detail.

Client Testimonials

"Mr. Micallef did an exceptional job defending my interests in a recent dispute with the CA State Board of Equalization. The provided all the resources & knowledge required to stand up to the bullying employed by CA tax collectors and did so for a reasonable and fair fee. Kudos … for being a voice for the little guy! My case did not involve a corporate jet or mega yacht, but it was a significant amount in my world. Thank you for being an incredible resource for the common man (woman & flying dog!)"
– Ms. Ann Sweeney

"Some time ago I utilized the services of your organization to resolve a potential sales tax assessment issue with the California Board of Equalization. The issue was resolved in a very timely and professional manner to my complete satisfaction. My thanks to you and your organization for a job well done."
– T.A.A.